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bridge, right lane remains closed westbound due to fatal accident. east shore freeway bunch up by 580 and merge otherwise things pick up into the macarthur maze no major delays at the bay bridge yet at this hour. good morning. doppler radar quiet, know need to we are about wet weather this morning. frost possibility inland maybe isolated around the bay. coolest 38 to 42 this morning. near 50 noon, low to mid 50s#jv mostly sunny sky at 4:00, heavier coat, mid 40s 7:00. frosty inland, upper 40s noon, low to mid 50s, chilled sunshine during the afternoon. chilly 7:00 in the evening. near 40 at the coast at 7:00, near 50 this afternoon. you've been talking about this, real flooding concerns
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this morning and tomorrow with the peaking of unusually high tides hitting the bay area in a few hours. we go to amy hollyfield live along the embarcadero in san francisco. >> reporter: if you like splashing around in water, head to those low lying spots today you won't be disappointed especially if yesterday is any indication. these are from marin city where there was flooding they saw flooding on bike trails, parking lots up to the doorsteps of some businesses. today is expected to be the peak. king tides happen when the sun and moon align to the gravitational pull brings more water on to the shore. people knew it was happening but still surprised by the amount of water. >> there was flooding, i had no idea it was that bad. >> how long have you been riding here? >> i right everyday or try. [ inaudible ]
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>> have you ever seen this king tide before? >> not this way, no. >> reporter: she gave up and riding through that area yesterday. the highest tides of the year are expected today. the peak is expected to happen this morning. they are not thinking there is going to be huge problems just flooding, that you will be able to make your way around. caltrans will be out in the various areas known to flood to help people get around. the king tides will last through saturday. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:03. cal-state fullerton announced this morning classes will go on as schedule even though the campus was locked down until after midnight the search for a robbery suspect triggered the rock down yesterday afternoon a man into the building moments after a car chase ended. text alerts urged most students to shelter-in-place. some spent eight hours hiding
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and tweeting. police caught three others but not the man who ran even -- who ran on to campus. the archdiocese is conducting prayer services for four victims this morning, they include 26-year-old steven read who died after he was found sunday night. bound, beaten and shot, he was dating an 18-year-old found along side him, also found and beaten she is expected to survive. reid was from georgia and planned on moving here. investigators say reid and the woman were targeted and attacked by a group of acquaintances. three women and two men are in custody. san francisco police sergeant finds himself being investigated after a facebook posting that shows a dangerous illegal stunt on city streets. this video posted on facebook gives you a front seat view as
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a lamborghini speeds through the tunnel 35 miles an hour is posted but the facebook posted by someone claiming to sergeant carl t says not only was that vehicle going 100 miles an hour, but everyone inside was drunk. more coming up, including response last night from mayor lee. new pressure on embattled sheriff ross mirkarimi to step down. a petition is urging him to resign. a group says they want to avoid a costly recall bat which they've threatened. they hope to get 50,000 signatures. anti-domestic violence advocates have been trying to oust him. governor broken says he will stay on-the-job and keep his daily routine going while he continues to be treated for prostate cancer. he lifted weights yesterday a few hours before his office revealed that he's been diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer.
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brown's doctors call his chances for a full recovery excellent in part because they detected the disease early. this after the governor had a cancerous skin growth removed from his nose last year. state public health department decertified facility. the facility cares for patients with intellectual disabilities there have been charges of investigations into incidents of patients harped, including a story we broke that patients were being tased. decertification means the facility will lose its medicaid funding. traffic and weather together, next. live look outside, san mateo bridge fatal accident occurred earlier. we are hearing the situation has improved. sue hall will tell you more. mike will have your full cool chilly however you want to call it forecast. wrapping up now nominations for the 70 golden globes.
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we'll tell you who is in and
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major development on the san mateo bridge accident. just getting word from the chp that fatal accident on the portion of the span has been cleared. still seeing emergency lights but lanes are clear westbound traffic is recovering nicely a little slow traffic on the
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highrise section the flat section is moving along with brake lights before the highrise. accident is clear on the san mateo bridge westbound heading towards foster city. metering lights on at the bay bridge toll and a bit of a back-up beyond west grand overcrossing carpool lanes no issues, san mateo bridge road sensors just under the limit, not bad westbound. westbound 580 before grant line big rig and car off to the right shoulder. chilly start to the morning. it. -- it is. temperatures in the mid 30s inland and upper 30s to low 40s bay shore and coast. king tides today at 10:34 golden gate bridge 7.2 almost as big tomorrow at 11:24. visibility has improved, fog in novato but gone fog around
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orinda, still there. today low to mid 50s mostly sunny sky. it will be dry. 6:10. hollywood is waking up early for the golden globe nominations. the foreign press association has announced nominees for the best in film and television the lucky list includes modern family. in the category of tv drama series, actress connie britain, glenn close, claire danes homeland, and juliana margolies the good wife. right now big thank to you everybody who took part in the share your holiday food drive. we broadcast from spots around the bay area yesterday mike out there, mike katie marzullo
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amy hollyfield and cheryl jennings and i popped in after the morning show. it was a lot of finance. so far we raised at least $13,000, more than 2500 pounds of food that doesn't include online and texted donations which are still being counted. you can still help by calling the number: 1-877-525-3775 or text the word feed to 8077 to donate $10 using your cell phone. we have all this information on our with website, read about the seven ways to give. 6:12. some of the biggest names in music take the stage for victims of hurricane sandy. holiday warning if you are ordering ups online. we'll show you where there --
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ordering packages online. we'll show you where there's is a thief. michael
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welcome back. 6:15. these are at the reporting stations which tend to be warmer than your neighborhood, mid 30s, 33 to 35° napa, san rafael, santa rosa, fairfield, concord livermore, 39 san jose, 38 los gatos. redwood city 37 everybody else in the low to mid 40s captainly cooler. the winds are calm to about six miles per hour there is no wind chill this morning.
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upper 30s to mid 40s through 7:00, near 50 at noon low to mid 50s mostly sunny 4:00 grab a coat this evening mid 40s light rain tomorrow another system will bring lighter rain saturday finally sunday we get a break with mid to upper 50s. watch out new warning about home deliveries. there's a package thief on the loose in fremont. camera caught him in the act. driver of that white car casually walks up to the front door of a home, grabs a package off the doorstep, uses his jacket to conceal it and drives off. this happened last saturday at a house on logan drive anyone with information is asked to call fremont police. consumer reports has partnered with 7 on your side for a report on tablet keyboards. >> reporter: good morning. tablets are easy to take wherever you go. typing on a touch screen for
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long periods of time can be frustrating. if you have a tablet lover on your list or just looking to make your own life easier, tablet keyboard may be the perfect holiday gift. typing on a virtual keyboard can drive some virtually crazy. >> i want to bang my head against the wall. >> reporter: it is a common complain. when microsoft recently unveiled new surface tablet, it offered two keyboards for sale from the get go. consumer reports says both have full sized keys, thin and light and double as a cover. if you already have a tablet and want a separate keyboard there are options there too. an electronic expert at consumer reports looked at four more tablet keyboards from -- >> they offer the convenience of a physical key word and have -- key and have keys you don't often find. >> reporter: like tab key and
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dedicated number and symbol functions the it is small and light with virtually the same size keys as typical laptop and runs on aa batteries. >> the downside it -- you are just lugging around extra accessories. >> reporter: consider the 100 keyboard case get within for either later ipads or android tablets, large keys and doubles as stand. plus latches security. carbon fiber case feels very protective. when you go to buy a keyboard check its come pattability with the tablet, particularly if you have -- if you have an earlier model all tablet keyboards consumer reports tested are bluetooth come patable and can be used wirelessly with any bluetooth tablet.
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two big weather stories, king tides and frosty chill. even though those reporting stations didn't get to 32 yet you know in some of those neighborhoods, i had some frost that was a few hours ago right now we are getting into the coldest part of the warm -- coldest part of morning. beautiful picture from vollmer peak past emeryville, port of oakland to san francisco, clear, crisp air, live doppler spins and picks up clear air this morning. this time tomorrow, going to start seeing rain in the north bay. one day reprieve from this active pattern. here's a look at temperatures, only reporting station inland is not in the 30s is antioch at 40 within. san francisco 45.
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san -- san jose 39. mid to upper 30s monterey bay and inland. today partly cloudy, cool and dry, no need for the wet weather gear. tomorrow and saturday, absolutely. more chances of utilizing that next week. low to mid 50s today from 52 concord, 56 oakland, fremont, palo alto, santa rosa, 55 in san francisco and san jose, sunny monterey temperatures inland from 54 to 56°. cold tonight, 30s inland, a few 30s, fremont, palo alto, clouds on the increase through the morning. light rain starting to develop early during tomorrow's morning commute in the north bay, we get a reprieve today yesterday's wet weather maker wreaking havoc in southern california. unsettled cold flow coming from alaska, 4:00 tomorrow morning by 7:00 all of us except east bay and south bay
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valleys are wet end of the commute 9:00 everybody wet with light rain none starting to taper afternoon hours breaks in the cloud cover as we head overnight into saturday morning increase in clouds rain moves in noon saturday and hangs around for the better part of the afternoon into the evening. even though it looks more impressive saturday, rain will be lighter up to a 10th of an inch, 10th to quarter of an inch tomorrow. emergency crews on the san mateo all lanes are open earlier fatal accident cleared. traffic recoverying nicely. a bit of slug taeurbl lights towards the highrise, typical things pick up towards foster city. good news if you commute san mateo bridge earlier accident cleared. san rafael clear no fog past lucas valley road, freitas
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parkway on to north san pedro road past civic center, golden gate bridge no problems bart having a delay due to unscheduled track repairs at pleasant hill pittsburg bay point line, both directions 10 to 15 minutes no other mass transit problems. oakland high street on-ramp vehicle vs. pedestrian, crews on scene. still ahead, san francisco police sergeant in hot water for a joyriding video that got a lot of attention online. they've done what many thought they never could. warriors take down defending champions and king james.
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welcome back. just about everyday but today and sunday have a chance of wet weather. you need to be prepared for that if you are traveling around today, most of the states dry now.
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-- chance of rain in southern california doppler picking up some of that wet weather and snow showers in the sierra. -- 6:25. you are -- we are talking the warriors after they beat the defending nba champion last night the miami heat. 97-95 win over the heat. warriors fifth road win in a row the most since 1978. best record since the 91/92 campaign. the numbers are being tallied after star-studded benefit concert raised to help hurricane sandy recovery efforts. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> bruce springsteen and bon jovi performed last night. the rolling stones shared the spotlight with some of pop music's biggest names. at madison square garden alicia keys closing the show as first responders joined the music legends on stage. still ahead, oakland fires back at federal prosecutors who want to close the city's largest medical marijuana dispensary. san francisco police department investigation into one of their own. a member of the force is tied to a high speed joyride through the broadway tunnel. why bart passengers will see extra security when they ride home this evening. >> reporter: new information from the man himself, software mogul john mcafee flashing cash in miami and offering a shocking confess
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good morning 6:30 a.m. on this thursday, thank you for joining us the view from our tam cam towards san francisco you can see there the clear sky with clouds in the background. clear sky has meant cold temperatures this morning. thanks for join us i'm eric thomas. if only we had feel-a-vision. >> let's start with meteorologist mike nicco. >> 30s and 40s everywhere off to a chilly start from five to
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15° cooler than yesterday. you saw the lack of clouds, and also the lack of rain it is dry on doppler this morning. around the bay 38 to 42 through 7:00, near 50 noon low to mid 50s dry during the afternoon heavier coat this evening mid 40s frosty inland 32 to 37 upper 40s noon, low to mid 50s 4:00, low to mid 40s 7:00, out to the coast starting in the upper 30s this morning, mostly sunny, 50 by noon, hang around 50 during the afternoon. backed up at the bay bridge toll. good morning. happy thursday. metering lights on you can see traffic backing towards the 880 overcrossing, wide load crossing that's what those flashing lights are, sluggish incline upper deck into san francisco no major stalls or accidents. to san jose 87 northbound
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moving nicely this is the julian off-ramp across from hp pavilion everybody at the limit northbound. bart delay pittsburg bay point line 10 to 15 minutes both directions due to un ed -- scheduled track repairs. high street on-ramp blocked with consider vs. pedestrian westbound 580. 6:32. san francisco police investigating a wild 100 mile an hour dash through the broadway tunnel caught on video one of the alleged participants wears a badge himself. terry mcsweeney is live near the tunnel. >> reporter: i drive the broadway tunnel several times a week people speed in there all the time when you go more than 100 miles an hour, post it online and you are a sergeant in the san francisco police department, then you have a controversy. take a look at the video that
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is sparking this controversy posted online by sergeant carl t of san francisco pd claiming to be going over 100 miles per hour in an lamborghini during a drive through the broadway tunnel. it makes it through in 16 seconds, the speed limit it takes 40 seconds. sergeant t quoted as saying it is room than you think, plus we were all . mayor lee said it is bad, bad, bad -- with a violation of so many laws also in opposite to what a police officer is sworn to do which is be somebody that is in charge of safety not endangering lives. >> reporter: sergeant carl t that is his real name, he used to be carl tannenbaum he legally changed it to carl t. he said he wasn't driving he was the guy on camera in the middle of the three in the
6:33 am
front seat. so he didn't break the law there. as for anybody being drunk in that car this video was moved in september, you got that go back four months and start the investigation then. on the other hand, carl t has been in the news before in the 90s -- in 1993 he was investigated for saying that he had sex with a woman in the police chief's car when he was assigned to the police chief's detail. the investigation end -- terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. some scary moments for bicyclist who ended up trapped san francisco 12:30 morning at fifth and brannon south of market. fires called for a special rescue unit. paramedics rushed the man to san francisco general, he is expected to survive. bart and bay area police
6:34 am
teaming up to keep you safer as you get around this holiday season. starting this afternoon bart increasing patrols and autographing safety escorts at some stations. -- and offering safety escorts at some stations. in the east bay teaming up with oakland police to provide escorts at the west oakland station from 4 to 8 p.m. to escort passengers parked within three blocks of that station. oakland mayor quan is asking federal prosecutors to leave america's largest medical marijuana dispensary alone. attorneys for the city of oakland file papers on behalf of the harborside health center. the city attorneys claim federal government said in a patent filing that cannibus compounds are useful in the treatment of some disease oakland gets 1.4 million per year in taxes from dispensaries. founder of mcafee is back
6:35 am
in the u.s.. katie marzullo is live with more. >> reporter: he's not only speaking out he's spilling his guts. he sat down with matt gutman and dropped some bombshells. in his hotel room showing off a stack of cash he says a stranger dropped it off for him. he says he's broke that he lost 20 million dollars. several people have posted on7n his blog that they want to send him money. mcafee admits his crazy act was a ploy part of a plan if get out of belize alive. >> millionaire madman on the run. [ bleep ] you paid attention to the story. >> because you acted like a madman? >> i did and it worked. >> reporter: he landed in florida last night with guatemalan authorities deported because he snuck into
6:36 am
the country illegally from belize. authorities in belize want to talk to him about the murder of his neighbor who was an american citizen. agencies in the u.s. say there is no active arrest warrant for him. we knew mcafee had a 20-year-old girlfriend now he says he has two the other is 17 and his only immediate goal is to get them both to the united states. mcafee told matt he has no idea where he will go or what he will do in the long run. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 17. 6:37. coroner in london revealing new details about the death of that nurse who answered a hoax call about the duchess of cambridge. the coroner says jacintha saldanha hanged herself. she was phone hanging by a scarf in her room at the london hospital where kate middleton had been staying also in the room several notes. she was found friday days
6:37 am
after she took the prank call from the australian deejays pretending to be queen elizabeth. more about the masked man behind the portland mall shooting. the sherr there -- the sheriff there said he used a stolen rifle. he killed two and wounded 15-year-old girl before turning the again on himself. his ex-girlfriend told abc news he was typically happy but changed in the days before the shooting, he quit his job, and said he was moving to hawaii. she has no idea what set him off. police continue to chase leads trying to find a motive. traffic and weather together, next. brrr, it is cold outside. here is a live picture of the golden gate bridge traffic moving smoothly. bart and san mateo bridge both recovering after earlier issues. we'll get a check with mike on your forecast and talk to sue about your traffic.
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early christmas gift for iphone users new app from google.
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check out visibility at our reporting stations everything is okay some of our traffic spotters using our waze app said the sunol grade is getting foggy. in between systems today don't worry about it being wet dry air and temperatures will hang out in the low to mid 50s
6:41 am
today, tomorrow and saturday two systems with light rain dry sunday. still seeing emergency flashing lights on the san mateo bridge western portion of the span by foster city due to earlier fatal accident that has been cleared. tail lights westbound a little slow not too bad. brake lights up the highrise towards foster city eastbound not bad high street on-ramp continues to be blocked car vs. pedestrian westbound 580 you want to use 35th, southbound 880, accident at 237 left lane through walnut creek slow due to accident southbound 680 at treat in two left lanes there. where you live could affect how you are affected by the fiscal cliff. we'll tell you which states will be the worst off. right now the dow is down 12 points. new jobless numbers out this
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morning. we go live to ja
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welcome back. today almost as cool as yesterday without the rain a lot of sunshine today from 52 to 56°. below average. wet weather maker from yesterday down in l.a. now san diego snow around the grapevine sue was telling me police are escorting folks through there but you do not need chains. once the sun comes up it will all turn out to rain. snow showers tahoe today, yosemite 30 and 42 rain will move into san diego and palm
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springs by the afternoon. let's check in with josh elliot for what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. good thursday morning many new details on the bizarre and unfolding saga of software mogul john mcafee. landed in miami yesterday, been on the run for a month. still wanted for questioning in belize this morning he spoke with abc news we have it for you next. right now new this morning officials say a navy helicopter has made a hard landing at north island naval air station in southern california injuring the four crew onboard. the navy says the seahawk was taking part in routine training when it made the hard landing last night. officials say two other crewmembers were taken to uc san diego medical center the other two taken to scripps.
6:46 am
long waited return of the google maps app is hitting apple device this morning nearly three months after apple replaced google maps with its own mapping app which was plagued with wrong or missing information. google says the new app is a major improvement over its previous version. people living in certain parts of the country could farrers worse than others if -- could fare worse than others if the white house and congress fail to -- -- [ unintelligible ] amazon winds a patent you
6:47 am
may want to know about. >> san francisco one of the most stable real estate markets in the country. jane king who lives in new work joins us live from the new york stock exchange. i'm waiting for them to reap a deal many taxes are already high here any way bay area for closures down sharply. over all san francisco filing down 57% from a year ago biggest drop in san mateo, property values some of the most stable in the nation. senior economist putting san francisco on the top 10 residental real estate markets of 2013 based on job growth, low vacancy rates. san francisco has one of the healthiest markets and least likely to give surprises. san jose is not on the list because inventory is too tight there. so far this morning similar to
6:48 am
what we've been doing so much lately, a little change, cautious trade, light volume, lower across the board. bloomberg index down a bit. you may know them as an online retail we are big warehouses amazon has received a patent on technology that provides air bags and other forms of protection for cell phones and poverty able devices this covers air bags, -- safety monitoring systems that detect when a device is dropped. one in three cell phones damaged or lost in the first year of ownership most damage from impact or too much contact with water nook and other e-readers may need a parachute to catch them, e-reader sales ing from 2011 peak on the road to becoming obsolete as tablets replace them. -- i'm jane king. temperatures still dipping
6:49 am
in the bay area. anyone close to freezing? >> some reporting stations near freezing, freezing temperatures in neighborhoods away from those reporting stations that tend to be warmer, frost concern inland. clouds, a little breeze in san francisco, a little wind chill here everybody else is nearly calm this morning. doppler 7 hd you can see that it is quiet, no wet weather to speak of today, come this time tomorrow, rain up in the north bay, it will be heading for the rest of our neighborhoods during the morning commute. santa rosa, 33°, fairfield cool spot, san rafael, napa, concord and livermore 35, upper 30s redwood city, san jose and los gatos this morning. 41 monterey, cool and dry, light rain tomorrow and saturday, two systems coming on the heels of one another.
6:50 am
more chances next week very active pattern coming our way. low to mid 50s today mostly sunny, monterey bay mid 50s from 54 to 56°. tonight clear temperatures drop quickly then bottom out in mid to upper 30s inland to fremont, palo alto. low to mid 40s for the rest of us. yesterday's system pulls away, next system healthy amount of clouds with it. unsettled flow coming straight from alaska, that's why these systems don't have a lot of rain but they are going to hit us frequently, nickel and dime us. 4:00 this morning, tomorrow morning, rain moving in by 7:00, east bay valleys and santa clara valley dry by 9:00, light rain noon starts to taper, after noon clouds break up, overnight dry through
6:51 am
saturday morning, clouds increasing saturday morning, rain comes in noon saturday hangs in for the better part of the afternoon hours rainfall amounts lighter saturday. don't park anywhere around the bay shore during the morning hours today and tomorrow, 10:30 today, 11:24 tomorrow when high tides will peak. temperatures below average, break from rain today and sunday. bart delay still for pittsburg bay point line due to earlier equipment problems, 10 to 15 minutes no other mass transit problems. high tide 10:35 this morning northbound 101 highway 1 shutdown these last couple of days because of the high tides and flooding in the streets, parking lot, bike path also cortamadera creek will be rising. some of those closures may take effect.
6:52 am
north 880 jackson accident blocking lane of traffic. looking at our traffic app, pleasanton sunol valley area, car stopped on the shoulder. reporting foggy weather in that area that may be due to some of these accidents and stalls and limit visibility off of 80 and 84. just about 6:53. steven spielberg is bringing new glory to abraham lincoln. lincoln leads the golden globes with seven nominations. also on the list is the iran hostage crisis thriller argo followed by life of pi, django unchained. and zero dark 30. the nominees were announced this morning. the awards will be presented in january. ahead, five things to know before you go.
6:53 am
6:54 am
welcome back. live look at san mateo bridge where there was a fatal crash this morning. it is in the westbound -- >> that that's the first thing you need to know before we go fatal crash past highrise westbound that has been cleared. traffic still a little slow but okay now. >> number two, classes will take place as usual at cal-state fullerton. police lived lock down order for the campus early this morning after a manhunt for a robbery suspect. they never found the man. students spent hours hiding in buildings. >> number three, san francisco police sergeant faces questions about this video. someone claiming to be that sergeant moved this on facebook it shows a view from the front seat as a
6:55 am
lamborghini speeds through the broadway tunnel at 100 miles an hour n a 35 speed zone. >> number four, today highest tide of the year expected to hit the bay area part of a phenomenon called king tides surge of 7.2 feet expected near the golden gate bridge, more than 9 1/2 near redwood city. >> number five, software mogul john mcafee back in the u.s. flashing cash that he claims a stranger gave him. he arrived in miami last night after being deported from guatemala. authorities in belize still want to question him. one final check on this cold morning with mike. 30s and 40s, mainly clear sky, a few clouds but not dropping rain. mainly 53 to 56° under a mostly sunny sky.
6:56 am
watch out for the frost this morning. >> back to the bay bridge toll, metering lights on traffic backing towards 880 overcrossing. a little sluggish upper deck into san francisco, look at some of your busier drive times off the altamont pass half hour just under 680 dublin interchange, san mateo bridge recovered from the earlier fatal accident. thank you very much. we want to thank everyone who took part in the share your holiday food drive. >> to the we raised $13,000 and collected -- together we raised $13,000 and collected 2500 pounds of food.
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good morning, america. breaking now, crash landing. this navy helicopter mysteriously goes down just hours ago in southern california. all four crew members survived. but what caused the seahawk chopper to crash on a routine training mission? and brack breaking overnight, millionaire software titan john mcafee ends weeks on the run with a flight to miami. police whisking him off the plane. he says he lost his fortune. left only with a change of clothes and a pair of shoes.

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